About Us

Our Staff

Our staff at Dr. BE is filled with energetic and highly trained members who work as a team to provide a positive environment and a high-quality healthcare experience for every patient..

Dr. Guillermo Bello


Dr. Bello is a Chiropractic Physician board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, with a Master’s degree in Sport Science and Rehabilitation. He has extensive experience in dealing with multi-treatment protocols and preventative approaches to health care.

Carlos Toyos

Education Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Toyos always with a smile and great attitude has earned the trust of our team and patients. With more than 8 years of experience in physical therapy Dr. Toyos is the one that can help you with any injury.

Jessica Rodriguez

Office Manager

Jessica is a licensed radiologic technologist and registered chiropractic assistant. After more than 5 years working with patients she became our office manager and has since dedicated her time to making our office a perfect place to work and an even better place to get treated.

Michal Wolny

Massage Therapist

Michal is a corner stone of our team. He combines his specialties as a licensed massage therapist, personal trainer and weight loss specialist, to accelerate the recovery process of our patients.

Jorge Rivera

Massage Therapy

Jorge is our therapy supervisor. You will usually find him at the active therapy area since back home in Mexico he worked as a Physical Therapist, and this was the area he specialized on. Jorge is well known to treat high performance athletes to recover from their injuries.

Susel Estrada

Education Certified Professional Coder

Susel is in charge of the billing department. She will help you with any insurance benefit concerns you may have. She has an amazing personality that makes everyone around her to laugh and feel amazing.

Kelly Licona

Education Massage Therapist

Kelly has a background of Physical Therapy which she applies when treating our patients. She may not look too strong but trust us, she will make you "suffer" in a good way when she is treating you. With her sweet "acentito paisa" she has gained the love of our team and patients.

Ivan Cárdenas

Education Massage Therapy

Ivan is one of our dearest team members. He is always smiling and helping everyone around him. His peaceful personality can help you to truly relaxed in the massage room. Back home in Cuba, Iván worked as a physical therapist. When he moved to the US, he complimented his studies with massage therapy.

Camila Ortiz

Education Massage Therapy

Camila is part of our massage team. She is super friendly and definitely very strong! All our patients love her because of her positive attitude and huge smile. Back in Colombia, Camila worked as a veterinary assistant then she moved to the US where she changed her studies for massage therapist.

Aisa Carrasco

Education Wedding and Event Planner Specialist

Aisa is part of our great front desk. Always with a smile and more than 13 years of experience in customer service. She is in charge of helping our patients follow their treatment schedule.

Raul Diaz

Education Massage Therapist

Raul has an extensive academic background as a physical therapist from his home country. With more than 10 years of experience Raul is the one that can help you to improve from any injury. Also, not only he is a great therapist he is also an amazing Chef.

Georges Plummer

Massage Therapist

Georges is part of our massage team. Always with a great attitude, he makes sure that every patient that he treats feels amazing after the massage. He really likes to treat high performance athletes and he is great doing stretches. He loves fishing and enjoys being close to the ocean.

Our Office

We integrate our expertise with the Client to develop solutions that streamlines operations, create improved levels of customer service, and accelerates growth through a flexible and collaborative approach. Our convenient location close to I-95 and 3 blocks west from Brickell allow our patients to come from different Miami areas. We offer free valet parking services to all our patients.