Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
We Give a traditional, none invasive approach to treat modern diseases and conditions.

Acupuncture can treat

Neck Pain Infertility
Back Pain Anxiety
Muscle Spasms Depression
Osteothritis Insomnia
Joint pain Gastrointestinal issues
Migraines/ headaches Respiratory disorders among others

First Visit

On the first visit the doctor will go over your habits, symptoms and medical history as well as use clinical approaches like analyzing your pulses and tongue. With this information we will have a full picture of your person and your health, to create a customized treatment plan.

Follow up Treatment

Each session will be unique to your progress. The needles are inserted for approximately 20 min.
Cupping therapy and Tuina (Chinese massage) may be added to the treatment depending on the doctors goals for that session.

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