Our Mission

To create a unique space for patients and professionals to interact with a continuous and competent approach, where we can all grow and improve our health, focusing on the development of the musculature system


Our Vision

Our Values

To become a reference within healthcare, for setting the standard for quality of care. We strive to grow in experience and knowledge so as to make ourselves exceptional at treating the human body

HEALTH To always BE strong in body and mind.
RESPECT We honor the dignity and uniqueness of each person.
INTEGRITY We always follow through with the commitments we make.
TEAMWORK We are one team and each person plays an integral role

Our Staff

Our staff at Dr. BE is filled with energetic and highly trained members who work as a team to provide a positive environment and a high-quality healthcare experience for every patient..

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  • I love the passion he works with!

    "Excellent Chiropractor, cool ambiance, great staff. I've suffered from back pain my whole life & I finally found something that is helping me out. I started suffering a chronic episode of sciatica 5 months ago, I couldn't even walk, I tried everything but still couldn't have a normal life & stopped exercising for more than 3 months. I found Dr. Bello and I now I feel better than ever, I'm even working out again. I totally recommend Dr. Be healthy, I tried like 5 chiropractors before and I can say he does an excellent work and I love the passion he works with."

    Liliana Campa
  • He knows exactly what to do!

    "I went here for physical therapy after my second ACL surgery. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Be consistently shows at every step that he knows exactly what to do. I feel comfortable trusting his judgement. It also doesn't hurt that he's a chiropractor, which came in handy since I needed an adjustment from walking around with too much weight on my good leg. 5/5 would recommend"

    Samantha Jimenez
  • Dr. BE and his team are miracle workers!

    "I workout everyday last week walking home I felt a pinch on my back and the next day I couldn't walk, it was very painful to even stand or sit. I found Dr. Bello because he was one of the first in the result list when I looked for chiropractors in my insurance website. I am so glad he was!! Within 3 days I was able to walk without pain and after a week I was back to normal. Dr Bello and his team are miracle workers!! Highly recommended"

    Abraham Tejada